Dell Vostro V5468 i5-7200U/ 4GB/ 1TB/ Vga GF940MX 2G/ 14.0
Dell Vostro V5468 i5-7200U/ 4GB/ 1TB/ Vga GF940MX 2G/ 14.0
Dell Vostro V5468 i5-7200U/ 4GB/ 1TB/ Vga GF940MX 2G/ 14.0
Dell Vostro V5468 i5-7200U/ 4GB/ 1TB/ Vga GF940MX 2G/ 14.0
Dell Vostro V5468 i5-7200U/ 4GB/ 1TB/ Vga GF940MX 2G/ 14.0
Dell Vostro V5468 i5-7200U/ 4GB/ 1TB/ Vga GF940MX 2G/ 14.0
Dell Vostro V5468 i5-7200U/ 4GB/ 1TB/ Vga GF940MX 2G/ 14.0
Dell Vostro V5468 i5-7200U/ 4GB/ 1TB/ Vga GF940MX 2G/ 14.0
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DELL 14 inch dòng Vostro V5468 (màu Gray, Gold)_

Dell Vostro 5468 không chỉ được thiết kế thanh mảnh tinh tế với vỏ nhôm chắc chắn mà V5468 còn được trang bị lớp vỏ bằng nhôm màu gold hoặc silver nằm ở phần ắp lưng và phần để cổ tay rất sang trọng. Máy rất mỏng và nhẹ, chỉ mỏng có 19.2mm với trọng lượng 1.59kg giúp chúng ta có thể dễ dàng mang nó theo đến bất cứ nơi nào. Dell Vostro 5468 là sự lựa chọn hấp dẫn cho mọi yêu cầu để đáp ứng đầy đủ các yêu cầu về tính di động, linh hoạt, thẩm mỹ, cấu hình mạnh mẽ và hiệu suất đồ hoạ cao. Chiếc máy cho âm thanh chất lượng cao bằng công nghệ Waves MaxxAudio® của Dell

  • Bộ xử lý Intel® Core™ i5-7200U  2.5GHz với turbo boost lên tới 3.1Ghz
  • Hệ điều hành Windows® 10 64bit licence
  • HDD:  1TB Sata (có khe gắn thêm thẻ m2 sata ssd. Gắn thêm thẻ 128G ssd + 1.4 triệu vnd)
  • Âm thanh chất lượng cao với Waves MaxxAudio® Pro
  • Pin sử dụng lâu 5-6 giờ
  • Camera HD mạnh mẽ với "Exmor for PC"
Performance designed to impress
The power to perform: Tackle the challenges of your day with the latest processors, up to Intel® Core™ i7.
Thin and light: The lightweight design provides easy portability and gives you a stylish look and feel.
Easy expandability: Dual drive HDD + SSD and 2 SoDIMM DDR4 memory means your system can grow with your needs.
Great Graphics: Multitask without interruption or run graphics-rich applications with optional discrete graphics up to 4GB GDDR5 vRAM.

Brilliant visuals, crisp audio: The vivid HD anti-glare display delivers an impressive front-of screen experience. The built-in HD webcam and Waves MaxxAudio® Pro allows you to collaborate remotely with exceptional clarity.
More comfortable: The precision touchpad and optional backlit keyboard and make working more comfortable.

Vostro 14 5000 - Give Your Business bold look
Give your business a bold look
An array of vivid colors makes the Vostro 14 5000 visually outstanding for a professional and stylish look. Color options vary by region.

Built to adapt
Grows with your business :Expand storage and memory as needed with dual drive HDD + SSD and 2 SoDIMM DDR4 memory.    
 Robust connectivity: With an array of ports including USB 3.0, SD card reader, HDMI, VGA and Gigabit Ethernet, you’re always ready to connect.

Vostro 14 5000 - Reliable security to back your business
Safeguard your small business: Hardware TPM 2.0 provides commercial-grade hardware protection and storage for encryption keys to verify your device. 
Manageability you can count on: Easy access to Dell BIOS offers broad manageability to configure your system to your specifications. 
Security made easy: The optional fingerprint reader with Windows Hello allows you to log in securely with one touch – no passwords necessary.
No IT, no problem: Optional Dell ProSupport or ProSupport Plus offers 24x7 direct access to advanced-level technicians to help you troubleshoot and resolve issues in no time.
Extra protection, just in case: Accidentally drop your notebook? The embedded free-fall sensor automatically locks the hard drive and prevents data from damage.

Vostro 14 5000 - Ports & Slots
Ports & Slots
1. SD card reader | 2. USB 3.0 | 3. VGA port | 4. Kensington lock | 5. AC power | 6. Gigabit Ethernet | 7. HDMI | 8. (2) USB 3.0 | 9. Combo jack (headset/mic)
Vostro 14 5000 - Dimensions & Weight

Dimensions & Weight
1. Height: 18.5mm (0.73") | 2. Width: 340mm (13.39") | 3. Depth: 240mm (9.45") | Weight 1.59kg (3.5lbs)

Designed for the real world — because that's where life happens.
We want you to love your new PC for years to come. That's why we test Vostro laptops for reliability not just in the places where you expect it, but for the open road ahead.
Turn up the heat: From locker rooms to locked cars, we test Vostro laptops for survival in harsh short-term heat conditions of up to 65°C/149°F.
Everything hinges on it: We test Vostro laptop hinges to ensure they still feel tight, even after opening and closing the lid 20,000 times.
Keys to success: We test commonly used keys for 10 million keystrokes and touch pad buttons 1 million times with no failure. So go ahead, finish your novel.    

Buttoned up: No matter what you set your power and multimedia buttons to do, we've tested them all to survive up to 40,000 pushes with no problems.
Twist and turn: Call us excessive, but after twisting Vostro laptops’ base and lid more than 25,000 times, we can assure you the parts inside are well protected.
Always a good fit: You'll probably never need to remove and reinstall your Vostro’s battery 750 times, but you can rest easy knowing that we've tested even that.
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